Chief Financial Officer Mdm Seah Siew is the power lady who keeps her pulse keen on the company’s financial performance.

As CFO, Mdm Seah Siew holds the fundamental management roles of controllership, capital structuring and financial forecasting; ensuring that Lian Hup’s financial position remains strategically robust.

Along with her team of financial officers and risk managers, Mdm Seah Siew makes accurate historical financial data available to all stakeholders in the company so crucial decisions can be made on time.Mdm Seah Siew also manages the company’s current investment portfolio, assessing risks and liquidity and ascertaining that internal financing and equity sit on equilibrium.

As well as overseeing the company’s past and present financial performance, Mdm Seah Siew also determines the company’s financial future by forecasting and modelling possible outcomes.

As there are implicit risks in the company’s day-to-day operations, Mdm Seah Siew and her team ensure that the company’s risk management policy and procedures remain relevant and responsive to the potential risks and industry changes.