Leading the company to the forefront of massive and unprecedented growth and development, COO Mr. Alan Chua holds the responsibility of sustaining the industry leadership of LH Construction & Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd.

Along with his executive team, Mr. Alan Chua establishes new company-wide objectives and policies that aim to achieve the most ideal equilibrium between the quality, safety, and efficiency of operations from top-level to the ground, and the successful delivery of products to the end customers.

Mr. Alan Chua has his sights on the company’s revenue performance, pursuing top-level goals to maximize the company’s net profits.

Networking with business leaders and investors of parallel minds, Mr Alan Chua breaks the ground for new potential businesses and keeps a steady number of projects in the pipeline. He is the man who pumps blood into the company, keeping it alive and pulsating with new developments that meet market expectations. But that is only one of the aspects of his role.

At the other end of the spectrum, Mr Alan Chua also ensures internal operations from top-level to the front-lines meet customer expectations. This balance of external networking and internal operations is what keeps LH Construction & Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd on track as far as achieving its long-term goals.

As well as heading executive meetings to determine focal improvements and pertinent changes in various areas of the company’s operations, it is not surprising to see Mr. Alan Chua on the ground, touring the eet, and formulating ideas for business expansion.

Externally, Mr. Alan Chua is also highly active networking with potential partners, ushering new ventures that will places the company into solid grounds for the long-term.