Chief Executive Officer Mr Alex Chua leads the entire Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd team to dare to push forward and to challenge the boundaries of possibility.

Bringing together his new blood trademark of corporate organisation leadership while keeping the legacy of Lian Hup Brothers close to his heart, Mr Alex Chua leads with passion and inspiration, giving absolute commitment to sustain the same service excellence standards that the founders have set.

Mr Alex Chua?s brainchild, including innovative solutions and unique business models, enables Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd to emerge as the leading supplier of the highest quality equipment, providing value-added services and consistently staying ahead of the pack in the leasing industry.

With his wealth of experience and relevant skills and expertise, Mr. Alex Chua is rightfully positioned to become a specialist in the remanufacturing and reconditioning of construction equipment, trucks and machineries and leads Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd towards the solid path to becoming a worldwide recognized leader in heavy equipment, trucks, and machineries supply and leasing.