One can only imagine the mantle of responsibility resting upon CEO Mr Allan Chua’s shoulders.

Aside from steering the entire organisation of Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd, Mr. Allan Chua’s brainchild, LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd, is the very nucleus of the entire corporation.

The company stands to testify of Mr. Allan Chua’s adroitness as entrepreneur, his wisdom, courage and foresight as a leader, and his intense passion to serve customers, thus he authored the rally call and slogan: “Your Satisfaction Is Our Everlasting Pursuit.”

In just two years after founding LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd in 2007, the company became the first to bring the world’s largest boomlift to Singapore, towering at a mighty 191ft working height.

What started as a small rental machineries leasing company, renting out small construction machinery like mini excavator, bulldozer, wheel loader, road rollers among had an unstoppable expansion in the next years. In 2008, the company started to rent out cranes. This was followed by aerial platform rental.

At first, Mr. Allan Chua only had 10 units of aerial platforms. Today, his robust eet has 700 units, ranging from 19ft, 85 ft, and yes, the colossal 185ft. But what good would mega machines do if men were not able to operate them? Because of this, Mr. Allan Chua opened his heavy equipment and machineries training school in 2010 with two trainers.

Today, he has 6 trainers, all of whom hold Advanced Certicate In Training Assessment (ACTA) certications recognised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The trainers are adept to train in Mandarin and English languages on operating Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) as well as machineries dispatched in building construction and oil and petrochemical operations.

Mr. Allan Chua positions LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd as the Total Solution Provider Of Heavy Lifting And Machinery. He constantly upgrades his fleet of units and imbibes a culture of constant learning to meet the ever increasing demands of the market and to position the company as the unparalleled industry leader.

He creates an amalgam of the best new technology, operational efficiency, technical competency, environmental responsibility and service excellence to consistently meet and exceed customer’s expectations in Singapore and throughout Asia Pacific. Under the corporate leadership of Mr. Allan Chua, LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd is tethered towards solid and massive success.