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Mr Chua Kim Seng

Chairman and Founder
Lian Hup Brothers Group of Companies

At the helm of Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd is a visionary man whose astute business leadership and passion for service excellence has paved the way to the company's unprecedented growth in the last 50 years.

Mr. Chua Kim Seng, Chairman and Founder, instilled the core values of diligence, commitment, and integrity in his team as he steadily steered Lian Hup to become Singapore's Leading Trading and Leasing Company today. From its humble beginnings as a motor cycle repair shop in 1968, Mr. Chua Kim Seng's formidable entrepreneurial spirit led Lian Hup to a massive expansion to become Singapore's most reputable mega construction and engineering machineries supplier.

Mr. Chua first started his business with a mere $2,000 and now, proudly offering a robust fleet of more than 2,000 units, Lian Hup powers both import, export market and leasing industry in construction, engineering as well as oil & petrochemicals industry. While Lian Hup has been responsive to the ever-changing market requirements and had equipped with market intelligence, we are constantly introducing new products and services to satisfy customer requirement.

With wide varieties of industry-regulated and quality equipment ranging from road construction equipment such as excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, skid steer loaders, generator, air compressors, heavy duty vehicles such as dump trucks, cargo truck, mixer trucks, concrete pump truck, lorry crane, prime movers with trailers, lifting and project management equipment such as crawler cranes, mobile cranes, telescopic handler, scissor lifts, aerial platforms etc. and, this is just the beginning.

Being responsive to the changing landscapes of the engineering and construction industries and aggressive to meet new challenges head on, Mr. Chua Kim Seng firmly braces the company towards inevitable transformations.

With courage to foray into an ever evolving industry and to respond to ever changing market demands, Mr. Chua Kim Seng leads Lian Hup with inspiration, fostering an open culture where ideas are birthed and views are respected from ground level up. All these are implemented in a genuine effort to collaborate closely as one solid team, and to engage with different stakeholders for the best solution.

Today, what started as a small company with 3 staffs has now grown to be 150-manpower strong. And again, this is just the beginning.

With growth as his steadfast companion, Mr. Chua Kim Seng is always ready to pave roads ahead for Lian Hup to be the preferred provider of heavy equipment, trucks, and mega construction and engineering machineries in the Singapore as well as the region of South-East Asia.

Where innovation, modernisation, infrastructure and future generations rise, there shall also be Lian Hup ? paving the way for big things to happen.

Mr Chua Ah Lee

Lian Hup Brothers Group of Companies

Company Director Mr. Chua Ah Lee oversees a vital part of the company's operation and logistics.

With over 2000 units in its robust fleet, one can already imagine that this is a challenging role. Under his leadership, Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd organised the trading arm that not only centralised the efficient management of the company's logistics and supply chain requirements, but also increased its competitiveness in the industry.

Mr. Chua Ah Lee ensures that programs and policies established by the Board of Directors for the Logistics Division are faithfully carried out to support the company's growth and to ensure that end customers are served in the highest standards.

Mdm Seah Siew

Board of Management
Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
Lian Hup Brothers Group of Companies

Chief Financial Officer Mdm Seah Siew is the power lady who keeps her pulse keen on the company's financial performance.

As CFO, Mdm Seah Siew holds the fundamental management roles of controllership, capital structuring and financial forecasting; ensuring that Lian Hup's financial position remains strategically robust.

Along with her team of financial officers and risk managers, Mdm Seah Siew makes accurate historical financial data available to all stakeholders in the company so crucial decisions can be made on time. Mdm Seah Siew also manages the company's current investment portfolio, assessing risks and liquidity and ascertaining that internal financing and equity sit on equilibrium.

As well as overseeing the company's past and present financial performance, Mdm Seah Siew also determines the company's financial future by forecasting and modelling possible outcomes.

As there are implicit risks in the company's day-to-day operations, Mdm Seah Siew and her team ensure that the company's risk management policy and procedures remain relevant and responsive to the potential risks and industry changes.

Mr Alex Chua

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd

Chief Executive Officer Mr Alex Chua leads the entire Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd team to dare to push forward and to challenge the boundaries of possibility.

Bringing together his new blood trademark of corporate organisation leadership while keeping the legacy of Lian Hup Brothers close to his heart, Mr Alex Chua leads with passion and inspiration, giving absolute commitment to sustain the same service excellence standards that the founders have set.

Mr Alex Chua's brainchild, including innovative solutions and unique business models, enables Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd to emerge as the leading supplier of the highest quality equipment, providing value-added services and consistently staying ahead of the pack in the leasing industry.

With his wealth of experience and relevant skills and expertise, Mr. Alex Chua is rightfully positioned to become a specialist in the remanufacturing and reconditioning of construction equipment, trucks and machineries and leads Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd towards the solid path to becoming a worldwide recognized leader in heavy equipment, trucks, and machineries supply and leasing.

Mr Alan Delon Chua

Chief Executive Office (CEO) and Founder
LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd
LH Training Institute (S) Pte Ltd

One can only imagine the mantle of responsibility resting upon CEO Mr Allan Chua's shoulders

Aside from steering the entire organisation of Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd, Mr. Allan Chua's brainchild, LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd, is the very nucleus of the entire corporation.

The company stands to testify of Mr. Alan Delon Chua's adroitness as entrepreneur, his wisdom, courage and foresight as a leader, and his intense passion to serve customers, thus he authored the rally call and slogan: Your Satisfaction Is Our Everlasting Pursuit.

In just two years after founding LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd in 2007, the company became the first to bring the world's largest boomlift to Singapore, towering at a mighty 191ft working height.

What started as a small rental machineries leasing company, renting out small construction machinery like mini excavator, bulldozer, wheel loader, road rollers among had an unstoppable expansion in the next years. In 2008, the company started to rent out cranes. This was followed by aerial platform rental.

At first, Mr. Alan Delon Chua only had 10 units of aerial platforms. Today, his robust feet has 700 units, ranging from 19ft, 85 ft, and yes, the colossal 185ft. But what good would mega machines do if men were not able to operate them? Because of this, Mr. Alan Delon Chua opened his heavy equipment and machineries training school in 2010 with two trainers.

Today, he has 6 trainers, all of whom hold Advanced Certificate In Training Assessment (ACTA) certifications recognised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The trainers are adept to train in Mandarin and English languages on operating Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) as well as machineries dispatched in building construction and oil and petrochemical operations.

Mr. Alan Delon Chua positions LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd as the Total Solution Provider Of Heavy Lifting And Machinery. He constantly upgrades his fleet of units and imbibes a culture of constant learning to meet the ever increasing demands of the market and to position the company as the unparalleled industry leader.

He creates an amalgam of the best new technology, operational efficiency, technical competency, environmental responsibility and service excellence to consistently meet and exceed customer's expectations in Singapore and throughout Asia Pacific. Under the corporate leadership of Mr. Alan Delon Chua, LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd is tethered towards solid and massive success.

Mr Alan Chua

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
LH Construction and Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd

Leading the company to the forefront of massive and unprecedented growth and development, COO Mr. Alan Chua holds the responsibility of sustaining the industry leadership of LH Construction & Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd.

Along with his executive team, Mr. Alan Chua establishes new company-wide objectives and policies that aim to achieve the most ideal equilibrium between the quality, safety, and efficiency of operations from top-level to the ground, and the successful delivery of products to the end customers.

Mr. Alan Chua has his sights on the company's revenue performance, pursuing top-level goals to maximize the company's net profits.

Networking with business leaders and investors of parallel minds, Mr Alan Chua breaks the ground for new potential businesses and keeps a steady number of projects in the pipeline. He is the man who pumps blood into the company, keeping it alive and pulsating with new developments that meet market expectations. But that is only one of the aspects of his role.

At the other end of the spectrum, Mr Alan Chua also ensures internal operations from top-level to the front-lines meet customer expectations. This balance of external networking and internal operations is what keeps LH Construction & Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd on track as far as achieving its long-term goals.

As well as heading executive meetings to determine focal improvements and pertinent changes in various areas of the company's operations, it is not surprising to see Mr. Alan Chua on the ground, touring the fleet, and formulating ideas for business expansion.

Externally, Mr. Alan Chua is also highly active networking with potential partners, ushering new ventures that will places the company into solid grounds for the long-term.

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